Divergent Docs
Quick Summary
Please note: Divergent Tournaments is still in development. This document describes its future functionality and is subject to change. To stay up to date, just send us an email.
Also, you are currently able to invest in Divergent Tournaments. Click here to learn more.
We enable everyone to host and participate in online gaming contests with truly life-changing prize pools. Both the tournament host and winner have the potential to earn big, depending on the number of tournament entries and the chosen entry fee.

Our Core Features and Services

  • We provide an escrow service that ensures hosts and winners are paid
  • We provide tournament landing pages and collect entry fees
  • We act as neutral third party and make sure noone is scammed or cheats
  • If your tournament becomes big enough, we offer additional free services and boost its reach even further, through marketing and leveraging our network of competitors/partners
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