Accurately predicting development time is always hard. Especially for projects that take at least a few weeks. So we will give a rough estimate for the launch and list major milestones that will be ticked off, as they are completed.
If our inscriptions sell out and we can fully focus on Divergent Tournaments, we think it will take us roughly until November 2022 to publicly launch.

Major Milestones

  • Open up inscriptions for Divergent Tournaments
  • Create detailed technical specification
  • Finalize UX/UI
  • Finish development
  • Successful stress-test of application and internal systems
  • Official launch of Divergent Tournaments
  • Kickstart initial marketing campaign (see "How Will You Scale?" in FAQ for details)
  • Hire community and project managers, once we worked out smooth processes based on experience after launch
  • Focus all efforts on scaling marketing and operations
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