Quick Summary
You probably know that many companies pay out dividends for shareholders when they turn a profit, right? Well, with Divergent Inscriptions you can invest in our products, but don't have to wait for us to make a profit – instead you will always receive a fixed share of our revenue. This is called "revenue sharing".
Revenue sharing is the distribution of revenue, the total amount of income generated by the sale of goods and services among the stakeholders or contributors. It should not be confused with profit shares, in which scheme only the profit is shared, i.e., the revenue left over after costs have been removed, nor with stock shares, which may be bought and sold and whose value may fluctuate.
– Wikipedia
To describe it in very simple terms, you could say: "When we make money, you make money."
We offer this revenue share as a form of "seed funding", to fund the development of our products and scaling operations and marketing (more details on this can be found in the roadmap). That means that your investment is a bet on the success of our vision. Think of it like investing in a startup. The terms and details are laid out on the following pages.
Currently, you have the chance to invest in the development of our upcoming product Divergent Tournaments.
How big your share of its future revenue is, depends on how much you invest. This investment is what we call an "inscription". We chose this name, because your investment and claim is secured on the public Polygon/Ethereum blockchain. It's like a contract inscribed into the blockchain.
Don't worry about the technical details though, you don't need to know anything about crypto and blockchains – the process is super simple and will be explained in detail via email. A normal bank account, credit card or crypto wallet is all that's needed.
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